Elke Lehmann / Works /
Künstlerhaus auf dem Asterstein, Koblenz, Germany

Laminated color ink jet prints mounted on wood construction
177" x 138" / 450 cm x 350 cm

For an eleven month period , I occupied a house in Koblenz, Germany, that was granted by the Ministry of Culture as artist studio/residence. Upon moving in the house, I discovered a letter size inventory list taped to the kitchen cabinet that had been compiled by the Ministry of Culture for the purpose of itemizing the interior furnishings.

Near the completion of my residency, I produced a blown-up photographic reproduction of this list, enlarged to a height of 4,5 meters (15 feet), and leaned it against the front exterior of the house in full public view. It was placed in such way, that it became an obstacle, partially blocking the front entrance.

By extracting this small bureaucratic key from the interior and enlarging it to public proportions the house itself was reduced to a prop, the final item in a system of bureaucratic enumeration.

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