Elke Lehmann / Works /
Floor Plans
(work in progress)

Posters: black ink on paper, 60 x 67 in. Wearables: black yarn on canvas, various sizes

A series of posters will be posted on construction fences and/or public walls. These posters simulate sewing patterns for garments. They are composed from floor plans of new residential developments in New York City that are used to advertise luxury lofts on billboards, websites and newspapers. From these patterns wearables are being fabricated with the floor plans machine sewn and hand embroidered on canvas. Posters of models wearing them will be posted on the fences/walls with the schematic patterns. Additionally, the actual garments can be displayed on mannequins inside an exhibition space, suggesting a show room and/or production site. This project transfers the representation of architectural space onto the architecture of the body. The sewing techniques employed for the production of the wearables suggest an unraveling of the floor plan graphics.

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